Brand Manual Unifies Corporate Identity for North America’s
Largest Intermodal Equipment Provider

With more than 272,000 active chassis, TRAC Intermodal is North America’s largest intermodal equipment provider and chassis pool manager. Domestic and international shippers rent TRAC’s chassis to move merchandise in shipping containers between two points, like marine terminals, railyards and more.

While TRAC traces its roots to 1968, the company had never established formal brand guidelines to help guide employees in presenting a unified TRAC brand to the outside world. With more than 650 employees in 22 offices across the United States, this made it difficult to have brand consistency throughout the company and across mediums.

Jacquie Lyman, senior manager of marketing at TRAC Intermodal, engaged The Design Edge to help unify the company’s corporate identity across its disparate locations. The Design Edge worked with Lyman and the TRAC marketing team to better understand its industry, the competitive landscape, branding objectives and existing branding materials. The desired solution was to create a formal brand manual to ensure overall corporate consistency in the marketplace.

Working with Lyman and team, The Design Edge developed a comprehensive internal TRAC Brand Manual. The brand manual includes important information on TRAC’s core brand, such as brand history, vision, target groups, logo guidelines, typography and usage, chassis and pool monikers, equipment and uniform branding, and an appendix. Now, all marketing materials and external communications created throughout the company are complementary and released into the market in a consistent fashion. The brand manual also serves as an educational tool for employees, enabling them to become familiar with TRAC policies, core values, branding monikers and more.

“The great thing about the TRAC Brand Manual is that it was designed to be an open document that can continually grow as our company grows and changes. Even as we grow, the manual provides a defined direction because our main objectives are identified and clearly communicated to employees,” said Lyman. “It also informs employees of how our business is changing and growing, the productivity of our company’s umbrella overall, as well as keeping a cohesive support team in place.”

Now, North America’s largest intermodal equipment provider and chassis pool manager is reflecting a unified brand across mediums and building brand equity as its business continues to experience tremendous growth.

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