The world produces more than 400 million tons of plastics every year, and only 9% is recycled. People are demanding change, and companies are taking notice. Since 1972, Ranpak has been a pioneer in packaging made exclusively from all-natural materials. As paper is changing the packaging industry, Ranpak is leading the way as the first global producer of 100% sustainable, paper-based packaging.

Headquartered near Cleveland, Ranpak has been supplying industrial companies with sustainable packaging solutions since it was founded, but identified an opportunity for growth by expanding into the retail market. Ranpak developed the Ready Roll product for consumers as a green alternative to plastic bubble packaging and other non-sustainable packaging materials.

With a consumer product in hand, Ranpak began searching for a local marketing communications agency that could provide help in launching this new packaging alternative in the retail market. The company ultimately chose The Design Edge.

“We found The Design Edge and they were instrumental in helping us understand what we needed to do and the steps to take to successfully bring a retail product to market,” said Jeff Guritza, Ranpak Corporation Marketing Director of Global Business Development of Geami ™ Products.

“The challenge was to have a broad-based appeal across different demographics, take a product that is largely unknown, package it and present it in a way that is compelling. And, make it understandable and relatable to compete with entrenched packaging products, like BubbleWrap, already on the shelf.”

From a packaging standpoint, Ranpak challenged The Design Edge to create a belly band that could be manufactured cost-effectively, easy to apply during the assembly process, visually convey the benefits of Ready Roll and use materials that are 100% recyclable. The Design Edge delivered with eye-catching belly bands designed for six SKUs that Guritza said were right on target.

“The packaging enhanced our on-shelf appearance and was instrumental in helping us close key accounts because of the aesthetic appeal our brand, logo and packaging presented,” he said. “The die-cut apertures on the belly band are a great touch. Again, another tip of the hat to The Design Edge to come up with something unique. It’s a small investment in die-cutting that reinforces the product’s honeycomb design.”

In addition to being 100% paper-based, biodegradable and curbside recyclable, Ready Roll has honeycomb cells that interlock to themselves for cushioning while eliminating the need for tape. The Design Edge team leveraged this unique feature and developed the concept of a bee as the product’s mascot and a logo treatment that now appears on all packaging.







Without existing retail awareness, The Design Edge recommended getting consumers’ attention directly at the packaging aisle, designing point-of-purchase displays, aisle violators and ancillary supporting materials to position Ready Roll as the 100% curbside recyclable alternative to unsustainable plastic wrap. These eye-catching displays would further visibility and build brand awareness on the shelf at the retailers, especially among the segment of consumers that have a preference for sustainable products.














Within less than two years, Ranpak continues to win shelf space and build consumer awareness. Most recently, Staples began stocking Ready Roll in stores and selling it online. Ranpak has extended the line with new sizes to match market requirements and is in the process of pursuing big box stores to get Ready Roll on more shelves.

Ranpak also worked with The Design Edge to create an engaging product video to show how the product works and demonstrate its packaging and environmental benefits. The video is helping build brand awareness through social media, online and on, as well as being leveraged for investor relations.


“With The Design Edge, we’ve found a strategic partner. Diane and her team are more than just designers, they’re a marketing ‘Swiss-army knife,’ tackling all aspects of a project: brainstorming, creative platform, audience segmentation, concept development, copywriting, vendor identification… and the list goes on,” said Guritza.

After launching Ready Roll less than two years ago, Guritza is bullish on the future of this sustainable protective paper packaging solution.

“The sky is the limit when it comes to Ready Roll and its opportunity in the marketplace. Thanks to a continuing relationship with The Design Edge, we are very excited to see what the future may hold as we expand the offering with ancillary products, point of purchase displays and marketing campaigns to support and further the business,” Guritza added.

To stand apart from the competition, add the Design Edge to your team.