When the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer requests a product packaging redesign to guarantee shelf space for a new product, it’s easy to say YES first… and then figure out how to meet the new requirements later.

That was the case for True Hue, LLC when The Home Depot® was interested in its SureSwatch® Paintable Clear Film. This one-of-a-kind, paintable, removable film lets consumers visualize paint colors on their walls without leaving messy test patches behind. The Design Edge helped True Hue co-founders Jamie Peltz and Robert Golownia develop eye-catching 12″ x 18″ prototype packaging that included a printed two-sided outer plastic envelope with three product sheets, an instruction sheet and one Primer Decider™ comparison scale. However, to get SureSwatch into The Home Depot, the retailer wanted to sell it for under $1. To meet this price point, the entire prototype package would need to be consolidated into one 9″ x 12″ one-sided sheet.


The Design Edge worked with Peltz and Golownia to revamp the packaging into a smaller footprint that would still create the desired image for the product, communicate its benefits and provide product instructions—all on one sheet. True Hue successfully patented and launched SureSwatch in 2013 as a single product sold inside a counter display positioned on The Home Depot paint counters.

The Design Edge later worked with True Hue to develop three different graphic/messaging approaches on the displays, which were tested within several Home Depot markets. Based on consumer appeal, True Hue eventually chose the display that generated the most sales. SureSwatch has sold well and sales continue to increase as product awareness builds through social media, public relations and consumer trade advertising efforts.

SureSwatch Display

“The Design Edge has proven to be the right creative partner, throughout the development of the SureSwatch product itself and the coordination and implementation of additional complementary items as our strategy unfolded,” said co-founder Peltz.

After the success of the initial rollout of the single sheet, The Home Depot asked for a packaged 3-sheet pack. True Hue again asked The Design Edge to help design and produce effective packaging based on consumer insight and to promote the value of the new 3-pack. Proving successful in tests, the 3-pack is now available in all Home Depot stores across the country.

Cross-marketing strategies for the product are on the drawing board and additional products are on the horizon. “Diane at The Design Edge has always been quick to offer creative suggestions and alternatives. She also serves as a great resource in working with existing suppliers, and finding new suppliers to fit our growing needs,” said Peltz. ­

To learn more about True Hue and the SureSwatch product, visit: www.sureswatch.com

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